Premove Assessment Form


All removal costs are based primarily on volume – the space your consignment will use on a removal vehicle or in a shipping container or airfreight carton.

The objective of this pre-move assessment form is to obtain an estimate of the approximate volume. To assist you with completion of this form please note how our crew or you should pack your effects:

All items of furniture will be wrapped with fabric blankets and retain a similar size / shape once packed. Therefore, please indicate the quantity of each type of piece / item.

All items of clothing, household and personal effects should be packed into cartons. Therefore please indicate number of cartons required.

The standard cartons we use are normally:

  • Book Carton [dimensions: 14” L x 18” B x 14” H or 35cm L x 45cm B x 35cm H]. This is the smallest standard size carton and is used to hold books, cds & loose items which when packed together are quite heavy;
  • Glass Carton [approx. dimensions: 18” L x 18” B x 21” H or 45cm L x 45cm B x 52.5cm H]. This carton is used to hold glass & all kitchenware. Please bear in mind that a significant amount of paper will be used to ensure that breakages do not occur;
  • Linen Carton [approx. dimensions: 18” L x 18” B x 31” H or 45cm L x 45cm B x 77.5cm H]. This carton is used to hold linen and any ‘oversize’ items that will not fit into the book or glass cartons – eg, hoover, TV or children’s toys;
  • Hanging Wardrobe Carton [dimensions: 20” L x 18” B x 50” H or 50.3cm L x 45cm B x 125cm H] This carton is used to hang items of clothing (eg. suits) to ensure that they do not crease. This is a large carton and will increase the total volume of your consignment.


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