Trailer Services

Self Load Trailers

Our fantastic self load trailer is brought directly to your door for you to load and unload.

How it works:
1. Book your self load trailer through our office.
2. We deliver the trailer to you equipped with removal blankets, ties to secure your items in transit and trolleys if required.
3. We leave the trailer parked at your premises for the length of time agreed for you to load.
4. We collect the trailer once loaded and deliver to your new premises. We leave the trailer there for you to unload.
5. We collect when done!

The best thing about our self load trailer is that it gives you the flexibility to do your move when you need to, whether it’s a door to door direct service or there are a few days in between. We can take the trailer to our storage facility if needed to give you some breathing space and focus on other important tasks.

U-Load, we move and U- Unload- its as simple as that!

For additional information on our range of professional trailer services, get in contact with Irish Removals today.
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Our Overnight Trailer Service

Our extremely flexible and cost-effective trailer service is built around the specifics of the client.
We supply a range of different sized trailers and can recommend the appropriate type for the specifics of the move.

We make every effort possible to drop off the trailer outside the client’s property as early as possible, giving them ample time to complete the load.

For clients who are moving a large number of items, we can supply multiple trailers at our extremely competitive rates.

To discuss the specifics of your next move get in contact with Irish Removals today.
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