Packaging for Office Relocation

Packaging Supplies and Solutions

An office relocation can be a very stressful experience if you are not adequately prepared. Irish Removals Ireland & UK are masters at storing any stress away. Whether you are moving a small business or a corporate office, the disruption caused by office relocation can be very time and money consuming. If done inefficiently, it  may also result in the misplacement or loss of important office equipment or documentation.

At its most damaging, your missing documents may signal to your clients that you are a business that is lacking in organisational and managerial skills.  Your professional relationships may also be damaged due to your inability to locate important documents and details, such as emails, telephone contacts, invoices, reports or other files. This tarnishing of your reputation could have been prevented by a more professional and experienced approach to the packaging and removal process.

To minimise the negative impact of your office relocation, call on our expertise at Irish Removals Ireland & UK Moving Company to plan ahead and assemble the packaging supplies and materials you need to undertake an organised and efficient move.

Using the helpful moving tips below, you will be able to reduce staff downtime, and ensure the safe and secure packaging and relocation of your office furniture, equipment and documents.

Start with an Office-wide “Spring Cleaning”

Packing what you do not need is a waste of your time and money.
The cost of packaging supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing tape and boxes can add up quickly, not to mention the cost of paying your staff to package everything up.

For a more economical move, Irish Removals – your local, national and UK domestic and commercial moving company – is more than happy to assist you in evaluating which of your items has the ‘X Factor’ – what stays, and what goes.  We make sure you only pack the items that will be needed in your new office space.

Set a day for spring-cleaning the office to get rid of unnecessary, outdated or broken items:

  • Go through your files and throw out any documents that are no longer needed.
  • Discard any hard copy files that are duplicates of files kept in electronic form.
  • Throw out or donate broken or superannuated office equipment and any supplies your office no longer uses.

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